Mustang Real Estate

Take a ride in Mustang real estate and see how this wild town is just like the bucking horse it’s named after! Taking up approximately twelve square miles of prime Oklahoma territory, Mustang homes for sale are amazing investments that people scramble to purchase. Their proximity to local sports, cultural districts, and outdoor landmarks make them a worthwhile investment as well as a great place to raise a family.

Minutes from Will Rogers World Airport, and southwest of downtown Oklahoma City, the major roadways that run through and around Mustang make it a central location to go practically anywhere in Oklahoma. Route 40 is to the north, and the H.E. Bailey Turnpike runs to the south. Union City is directly west of the suburb.

This growing suburban city is privy to single family homes with lush yards that just seem to go on for miles and miles. It’s located in Canadian County, which is actually earmarked as the fastest growing county in the state. That means new construction is broadening the horizons and opening up the large acreage of plots to enhance the community. Three bedroom homes with a two car garage are common, with an average of 1,400 square feet per residence. Larger luxury homes are widespread as well, easily doubling the size of the single family locations.

Mustang public schools are the home of the Broncos, as well as excellent academic records. Twenty-five championship titles have been scored since 1979 spread over several sports and clubs. The faculties dedication to leading their students into the future has been recognized by the community as outstanding. Mustang is the only district in Oklahoma to earn the Transitions Endorsement from North Central Accreditation.

Like much of Oklahoma, Mustang enjoys lots of farmland, as well as booming natural resources industries. Given the proximity to Oklahoma City, where two of the largest natural resource providers in the country call home, it stands to reason that Mustang is also part of their success. Many residents commute to some of the Fortune 1000 companies located nearby.

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